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EDIT 2: I went ahead and brought this over to Tumblr, a Sign Of The Times. An active download link after many years, blessed be. Interested parties may find it here.

EDIT: It has come to my attention that this fan soundtrack can be found in a torrent file along with other official music from the series. While I'm flattered that someone would think highly enough of it to make it more widely available, please understand that with the exception of a few tracks, this mix does not constitute an official soundtrack. I understand that my upload links have expired by this point, but I would appreciate those sharing the torrent to link to this post. Thank you.

A compilation that has been sitting on my hard drive, subject to many revisions, for nearly a year. In what was already an extremely well-developed cast, the characters of Oniisama e's Fukiko Ichinomiya and Rei Asaka captivated most of all, their disturbed dynamic lending the series the majority of its darker tones and surprising revelations. Even by the story's end their relationship is left undefined, toeing the line between adoration, obsession, co-dependency, and genuine understanding. Likewise are the two girls themselves never quite resolved; instead we are left to watch the consequences of perfectionism, idealization, paranoia, detachment, and loneliness. The irresistible pull of madness, and the ensuing game of one-upmanship.

We take one girl, hideously spoiled, overly imaginative, terribly anxious. We take another, shakily devoted, mutably meek, privately morose. The result is as follows.

Let Us Descend Together!
A Fukiko Ichinomiya & Rei Asaka Fan Soundtrack

Track Listing, Supplementary Writing, Album Download )


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